Industry Workshops

In addition to the five defined DASIK-Modules, within the project there will be two Industry Workshops, which will take place in Germany in 2013 and in South Africa in 2014. The aim of the Industry Workshops is to discuss the process and the results of the DASIK project on a higher level. The planned Industry Workshops should address other external companies in order to allow them to benefit from the results of the project as well. Every Industry Workshops should build a platform for project partners and guests, which are interested in the topics of the DASIK-Modules, to exchange their knowledge and their different views in order to generate new ideas for topics and build up possible cooperations. Representatives of the project partners as well as experts coming from other companies/universities will be invited as speakers.

At the 18th and 19th September 2013, the 1st DASIK Industry Workshop will take place in Oldenburg, Germany. Therefore, all necessary information is given on the following pages. At the two-day workshop, the project partners will give an insight of the progress and the first results of the DASIK project. The Workshop also gives the audience the possiblity to get in contact with the topics in order to discuss possible partnerships for the future. Therefore, the extention of the existing partnerships is one of the main objective of the DASIK Workshop. At the event, different talks of project partners and interested stakeholders are planned. Some of the invited speakers are Silke Meyn (Vice Mayor of the City of Oldenburg), Ursula Hardenbicker (Head of the DAAD-unit for Higher Education Cooperation Projects) and a delegation of twelve members of South African companies and representatives of the Universities in South Africa (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, NMMU) and Tanzania (University of Dar es Salaam, UDSM). The Workshop participation is free for everyone, who is interested in the project.

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